Zach 'Almouse' Smith



About This Website


  • What’s the point of this website?

I think the most interesting deep dives I’ve ever had on the internet are from reading through the personal blogs of certain people. Whether they were my professors, friends, or just random finds from elsewhere, there’s something profound about seeing what someone has chosen to put online in their own corner of the web. I hope that in some way I can help continue this tradition with my own.

  • Aren’t the sections a bit… unrelated?

Of course, part of having a website is to build a personal brand, and I would love to portray myself as a die-hard enthusiast of whatever my job currently is. But I’d rather share the things that are relevant to me at whatever point I’m at in my life.

  • I have comments or questions

That’s nice.

Technology & Credits

I used several repositories as part of this website:

  • Jekyll, a static website generator using Ruby and Markdown files. Plugins:
    • Premonition – Used for admonition blocks. I have my own custom version because I had some text formatting errors
    • Spaceship – Used for diagrams using e.g. Mermaid and galleries on pages, but it supports a wide range of features
  • Mr Green Jekyll Theme is used as a baseline for the layout, styles and content generation
  • FontAwesome provides icons
  • The GitLab repository for this website is available if you want to see the inside of the sausage!